| Knowledge of Rights and Responsibilities Acted Upon

Rule of Law

For Thousands of years successful societies have fallen when rule of law was no longer respected

Justice is denied/evaded/mocked by those entrusted with upholding the law of the land when they fail to follow Rule of Law, honourably

The People are the True Power BUT 

The People are Required to Be Educated in Principles of Law and Act on that Knowledge

People worldwide are waking up, studying the law, the system, politics–gaining knowledge again.

It is time for more people to reclaim the knowledge of law and honour.

Reclaim responsibility for their own power. Reclaim the law for themselves.

Become educated in the basic concepts of rights, responsibilities and contracts. Reclaim the law back from those who have perverted, hidden, complexified and harmed people (their lives and property) by manipulation of the legal system. 


It's easier than you think.

Your freedom and our future depend on it.