To Claim the Law
One Must Return to Law

Be Mindful of Law in All Areas of Life… nature, society, health (body, mind, spirit)

lawful vs LEGAL / rights vs PRIVILEGES / freedom vs SUBJECT/SURETY / natural/ARTIFICIAL


Learn the magic of the words and symbols that en-trance mankind into servitude


Who/what you are, at law, and in Legal, and which capacities you hold/act in


The right knowledge, actually applied, the right way, with confidence and success

Language Magic

The world of lawful, honourable life has been hidden from you by clever use of language (called “words of art”) and symbols that most people do not comprehend because of a lack of disclosure, gradual dumbing down education systems and moral social decay. This effectively casts a spell of wrong ideas and beliefs.

Discover how deeply and harmfully mankind has been manipulated and deceived into a world of LEGAL, movable, malleable, grey-areas-ripe-for-manipulation dictates.

Reclaim your language, symbols and morals, to come in alignment with law, higher law.


At law your status, capacities and rights are powerful. In the LEGAL world only titles, with diminished status, waived rights and ever changing privileges exist. Reclaim your lawful status or forever wonder how your public servants became your masters.

Knowledge with Application=Results

Knowledge, knowing, comprehension, understanding is a powerful first step but is meaningless if there is no correct application.

The correct knowledge and correct application is the goal while uncovering the deceit and manipulations, that falsely bind mankind, under the guise of “you voluntarily agreed”.

Discover the deceit, learn the true power, authority and honour to reclaim the law and your proper place as master over public servants.

Key Areas



“Who knew that when we sign the applications all the time we actually waive our rights and bind ourselves to undisclosed obligations? It is important to be fully informed or we enslave ourselves and THEY can claim we volunteered! We really have been trained to speak legalese and act like we are subjects not masters.”

Janet M.

“It seems crazy to have to defend everything you do because legal tricks and traps are built in everywhere. The legal words, hidden interpretations or provincial or federal Acts triggered by just signing THEIR forms, or acting like they have authority over us is shocking. It really is down to our lack of knowledge!”

Willie B.

“Why would people elect a government to rule over us like masters over slaves? Where do THEY get their legal claim to take such a position of power and authority that we would never knowing give THEM? It’s simpler than you think, easy to deny, but really is there, when you are really open to see and hear.”

Sean F.

Let’s work together to each reclaim our own authority as a man and a woman and end the present LEGAL game tyranny.

You have the true right, power, and authority IF you comprehend, claim and actively defend against all forms of LEGAL trespass against you while ensuring that you do not consent, without full disclosure, to all offers by corporations, agencies and governments to contract for licenses, permits and applications.