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Reclaim Any Law

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Overview of the intention, where Foundations course will go...

Refining and simplifying thousands of hours of technical research, reading case law, law books, studying hundreds of hours of other freedom seekers research online, and face-to-face, combined with real world hundreds of hours of in court watching and in the well of the court during pre-trial and trial hearings. Where have we been already and what can be refined from all that time and experience to pass on to others, simplified...the journey begins.,

Power begins with you reclaiming your law...

Intro: We are still creating. Session video will be uploaded soon

Session 1: Foundations to Reclaim Any Law

Topics include: know the law, exercise the law, defend the law, what is law, force of law, consent, informed consent, false beliefs, law is expressed + LEGAL is presumed, law is always superior to LEGAL, language definitions/dictionaries, assumed/changed definitions, "suffer", "is", words matter, man/woman vs TITLES, TITLES diminish status, The STATE, CREATOR of the TITLES, also creates the DUTIES, You choose to be fully informed or not

Review replay more than once...

Session 2: action Foundations to Reclaim Any Law

Topics include: cold hard facts, consent, take action: removing consent, go to the core, why don't people take action, will you take action, are you prepared to take action

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What Course Participants Are Saying


"That was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!

In every way -- organized, articulate, informative, easy to understand --- FANTASTIC."

Some of the comments from others on the call .......I concur 

Michelle spoke of the slides being easy to read, points limited (ie 3 vs 10 ) very helpful .......also repeated helpful

I appreciated how you added your humor (naturally you).....quotes from others to ponder on

you exude a calm, confident, kind, gentle manner ......the love you are

you have a gift with teaching .......and I really appreciate how you transfer accountability to each and every person to take responsibility to do one's own research ....

as you are not a guru nor a saviour for anyone........more to assist and guide .......you old evolved soul YOU. !!

Thank you!, Janet

Much appreciated

I really enjoyed our first session. I like the way you presented simple clear visuals to match the subject as you were speaking. Very easy to follow. You also speak in a way that is easy to comprehend and absorb. Much appreciated. I look forward to our next session.

Warm regards, Ivan

Thank you!

 I was in attendance for Session 2 of Reclaim the Law series and I was so happy and grateful to hear you lay the necessary foundational perspective. It was presented very well and, in my opinion, without this correct perspective all the facts of and where we sit -- in the various ways -- would be lost to many.

I thank you for this wake up call for self-responsibility and look forward to session 3.

Blessings, Marilyn 

Guided training for beginners.

I attended the session you held regarding Reclaiming the Law and I have to tell you -- I have studied this topic, through many courses and "guru's" -- for a great majority of my adult life and I have never found such valuable, organized and coherent information presented. 

It is often said that once you can, simply and concisely, present such a large topic as this, you have reached mastery in it. I applaud this presentation and I look forward with great excitement to take the rest of this course and above all I look forward to actually understanding and utilizing this information in my life.

Best Regards, Marilyn

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Session 3 

Session 3: notices

Foundations to Reclaim Any Law

Topics include: writing notices

Make sure to watch more than once...

Session 4: notices 2

Foundations to Reclaim Any Law

Topics include: review, notices, Law for Mankind Course from The Sovereigns Way

Action begets true knowledge...

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This intro course is in development and we rely on your feedback. Please email your comments and suggestions on the present content and future content.

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This intro course is in development and we rely on your feedback. Please email your comments and suggestions on the present content and future content.

Reply to the email you received from ReclaimTheLaw.com to send your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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