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If you are a man, woman, private person, natural person, citizen, lawyer, paralegal or justice system participant who recognizes there is great need for change to the justice system and you desire to help create a renewed respect for rule of law in the justice system, court process and the courts then leave your contact information below to be notified of future news updates.

For Thousands of Years Empires, Nations and Societies Have Collapsed Into Chaos When Rule of Law Was No Longer Respected By Those Very ‘Officials’ Who Accepted a Sacred Duty to Uphold the Law and Correct Injustice

Are we at that point now…?

If the law is hard to find, hard to understand, complicated in design, generally unavailable to the average person and is also open to multiple interpretations…is it really law?


When only “licensed lawyers” can find, understand and argue the law, where does that leave the non-lawyer? It leaves the people at the mercy of a special class of titled persons, with a “license to practice” and charge exorbitant fees, who also have a prescribed duty to put the private B.A.R. association and the state’s interests… first.

What about this seems fair, reasonable and just?


The process of writing, passing, enforcing the laws and accessing justice is being held hostage and controlled by many “titled persons” within the legal/justice system, and it’s time for mankind, citizens and honourable justice system participants to reclaim the law and it’s lawful processes. Return to honour and respect what is meant to be a system operating to correct injustice fairly and freely without favour..

The “legal system” has been taken over, controlled, and weaponized by a private group. The media has been corrupted. Politics have been taken over and corrupted. All use the legal system for their control of almost everything and their escaping liability for their corrupt actions.

Are you interested in reclaiming the law for you, your family, your community, your country and for the benefit of all mankind?



Your freedom and our future depends on ending injustice by each of us reclaiming the law.

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